The dream comes true... Augmented Reality.12.04.2013

Augmented Reality, or AR, is an enrichment of the physical reality with information that we might not normally perceive through our senses. Simply put, using augmented reality allows us to see the world through the eyes of a smartphone. In real-time, a smartphone provides us with valuable information about what surrounds us.... [more]

GISXL - Another barrier surmounted20.10.2012

Activate our new surprise.. GISXL. Define it a spreadsheet where the data is stored is simplistic, this app is the tool that allows you to be a programmer for the first time! With GISXL you can decide how to organize the data, prioritizing, determining the persons who can access and edit data withou... [more]

We are online!!!19.10.2012

GISDATA is online with the new site. We present our new products that represent the evolution of our company more and more ready to technological developments while remaining true to its winning DNA: Give simple solutions in the hands of our customers so that they can use them and not only look at t... [more]