Comuni Italia

Comuni Italia is an APP for smartphones and tablets, customized for each city and town, available on the major stores and free for all citizens.

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How does it work?

Through a simple menu, you can view in real time:

Index of personalized content

Social Area that displays the posts of local bodies and citizens

Useful numbers to call the emergency services

Download Area to download useful documents and access them offline

In multiple languages - so that all users can be informed about the content and events

Dedicated Management Area where the Council can personalize information and content

Why is it useful?

  • Because with the dedicated management area, each Council can independently upload their own content and link downloadable documents 
  • Because through the social networking sites, it connects citizens and it allows them to view shared information such as photos or videos 
  • Because it is a valuable tool to promote initiatives or to inform citizens about the current and future projects of the City.
  • Because it can be an added advertising tool to support tourism and cultural events in the area, available in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish
  • Because with the text messaging service* and the notification system, it can inform citizens of important news.
  • Because through interfacing with the APP #ProtezioneCivile, it can be used as a means to provide timely and precautionary information about emergencies or weather alerts in the area. 
  • Because the Council will have a dedicated tool that can be updated independently

* you will need to indicate your service provider 
or we can refer you to certified system suppliers


Comuni Italia Network

Comuni Italia Network is the perfect solution to inform all citizens in the Country!

All the municipalities that will activate their customized APP will enter the Italian municipality network. 

What is the advantage?

Users who will download the app of a specific city where they reside or travel, will not need to download the app for each place they visit. 

Through #Comuni Italia, users will automatically receive notifications about the place they are visiting thanks to the position tracker, without having to download another APP.

This will give the user real-time information about the place where they are.

Join the Comuni Italia Network and share this valuable information!


What is the cost for citizens or tourists?
The app is free for citizens and tourists

Where can I edit the customized content?
The customized content can be modified through the dedicated management portal by logging in with a password.

How does the notification system work?
It will be possible to send on-screen notifications directly to the devices, through the management portal. By clicking on the notification, the APP and the relevant information will open. 

How can I share photos and videos?
Just open your favourite social (facebook, google+, twitter) and download photos and videos with the hashtag of the name of the APP, e.g. #ComuniItalia

How can I keep the information up-to-date?
All documents (documents, pictures) will automatically update and, even off-line, you will be able to see the most recent information that the device will have downloaded.

Can the APP send a text message to citizens?
The APP can, at any time, interface with services that have already been activated and send automatic texts - depending on the supplier of such service. The messages sent to the users can be personalised. 

But if I do not have an internet connection, how can I access the documents?
After the initial download, all the documents will be available even with no internet connection. 

Activated by

Sant'Andrea Frius (CA)
Tula (SS)
Unione dei comuni delle Valli Nervia e Roja - Airole, Apricale, Castel Vittorio, Dolceacqua, Isolabona, Olivetta San Michele, Pigna, Rocchetta Nervina (IM)


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