The warehouse is the heart of our company.

Keeping track of handling and checking goods across the territory are now possible thanks to new technologies. is the future thanks to its incredible features:

  • Item records
  • Labeling with QR Code
  • Real-time stock of warehouse
  • Real-time stock of vans (mobile warehouses)
  • Dynamically updated costs of goods
  • Recording Bills of Lading and delivery notes
  • Advanced reports to optimize supply & sale contracts 

QR Code

We have been used to barcode labelling for many years, but everything evolves and it's amazing that we can use new tools to improve our operative efficiency. 
With QR Codes we can track goods in real-time and ALSO obtain the following information: 

  • Purchase date of the goods
  • Supplier of the goods
  • Guarantee date
  • Cost of the goods
  • Any information you may want to record on the goods
  • Installation and configuration manuals of the products


and what about the QR Code scanner?

You won't need to buy a new device, you simply need your smartphone! 


Take your company to the future!