Choose the essentials.

An immediate, simple, modular tool which includes the main functions of your mobile workflows in a single app.

Acquisition of documents, localization of workers, notification of new workload, management of maintenance requests with attachments: all this can be remotely achieved to send you real-time feedback of the work progress. 



Thanks to the perfect synergy of eGGsential with  GISOne and Rubik, each user will be able to access/perform the following:

  • activities planned for the day or for the week
  • also available offline in the absence of an internet/data connection - it will automatically update when the network becomes available again
  • possibility to attach scanned documents to a specific activity, precompiling some information that will save time and decrease the margin of error

Document acquisition

Find out what eGGsential can do during the acquisition of a document:

  • autofocus and light detection
  • document alignment and balancing
  • edges recognition
  • automatic point-and-shoot with detection system to enhance the picture quality
  • preview of processed document
  • possibility to crop the document if not detected correctly
  • possibility to import a document from the gallery

Decide where to save the document

eGGsential is the easiest way to send documents to your platform.
You can insert some customized information (document number, type, dates) and you will automatically find everything on your computer system. In a very short time, you will be able to categorize documents and move on with your activities. 




  • uses the GPS sensor of the device, and also the data network, to detect position
  • chooses the most accurate position at all times
  • stores positions in its memory to make them available in case of poor/no connection
  • automatically activates at pre-established hours

And that's not all:

Thanks to real-time availability of the positions of workers, the data sent from eGGsential can be used to plan your work in a smarter and more effictive way. 

The daily plan of your teams can therefore be integrated, or changed, with new service required nearby their location: you can really optimize the work, reducing unnecessary travel (and therefore costs) and keep a close look on the progress of the daily business. 


Activity plans often go through integrations and amendments due to unforeseen circumstancies. eGGsential can help you in this too: when you assign a task to a worker, they will automatically receive a notification on their device so that they will be promptly informed of the new assignment.