GISData isn't just an IT company.

In its solutions GISData offers real engineering services.

The presence of professionals with certified experience and of qualified suppliers, allows to achieve the following goals: 

  • Reengineering of the Company
  • Business development
  • Technical training
  • Quality management
  • Call center services
  • Market analysis, marketing scenarios
  • Management of development of environmental techniques  
  • Environmental consultancy
  • Management technique consulting


Being a real business partner and not just a supplier will save you time and money.


Because by optimizing the internal business activities, you enhance your business strategies. 

In addition, you rely on qualified, competent professionals who are aware of the work, the market, the procedures and the most common issues. 

Having one reference person will help achieve economies of scale, improving your opportunities to study and analyze different business scenarios. 

case history

1,600 hours of counseling
development of 15 new contracts 
20% increase in turnover