Rubik is a web platform for maintenance management. It isn't the usual software that stores data but an active instrument for your workflow that allows you to organize and give an added value to your data

It was born from the experience in the field of highly qualified professionals who, knowing the different dynamics of maintenance activities, created, not just a software, but a modular application capable of directing, integrating and coordinating the apects that represent the core of maintenance activities.

Reporting Faults
Rubik allows you to fully manage the entire flow of faults, comprehending the service timing, the assignment to the supplier and take-on notifications, service planning and the summary reports, as well as a calculation of the costs for each opened ticket. Functions are designed for a quick and easy management of your business.
of Works
With Rubik, you can upload your digital pricelist and apply automatic discounts based on the supplier's contract. Excel and PDF exports are at your disposal as well as the possibility of applying signature authorizations and of copying and pasting estimates from similar assignments. 
of Services

At the end of the service, when the technician will have compiled information about the performed activity, the equipment and spare parts used, Rubik will convert the estimate into final balance and take you to the billing screen in a few easy steps. 

Thanks to the plant geo-referencing and the location of technicians, on the basis of a schedule that displays the technicians' work committments, Rubik gives you the possibility to optimize costs by planning their travel in a more productive way. 

Rubik's integrated solution allows the flexible management of the equipment connected to the plants, linking reports to the client or to their office, or to the equipment itself if the client has several offices. You will also be able to plan maintenance activities according to a personalized schedule
Rubik allows you to manage all the documents of the plant. Pictures, floor plans, certifications and their validity dates and others, all contained in a unique solution, directly accessible from the web or from your tablet / smartphone.


Mobile devices

For a long time, the possibility to take technology aimed at the acceleration of the work process with you, was a privilege of a few companies with greater financial resources which could purchase expensive and often bulky devices (and mantain them), which were often limited to a single function. 

Mobile devices, which are now part of our daily life, are now more affordable and, if properly programmed, they can perfectly integrate with the working activities of each sector. 

Rubik is also available as a mobile platform, be it Android, iOS or Windows Phone. And there is no need to download an additional app if using a smartphone or tablet. Rubik will automatically adjust its layout to allow full operation from the device, while maintaining the same functionality and simplicity of the desktop version.


Do you want to use your own brand name or trademark with Rubik? 

It's possible: some have already done so and have their own product with all the functions of Rubik.

Successful cases

The synergy between the various GISdata products allows to quickly enhance functionality and improve productivity. 

Rubik and eGGsential allow you to have a control of the local area never experienced before and at no cost!

Upon receipt of a maintenance request, it will be possible to view the plant directly on the map:

to verify who's the closer technician and analyze its workload:

to assign the work to the technician who will be immediately notified by mail and to monitor the operations.

You can be provide private access to your client, who will have a tool to check the area and the investments.