Target is the web platform designed to "hit the target".

Aimed, with particular focus, at the major work orders, through a single interface, Target allows control on the entire economic flow and management of the work schedule.

Target is the ideal solution for the following:

  • Management of work orders
  • Compilation of estimate offers
  • Monitoring approved and pending offers
  • Archiving offers and technical documents
  • Recording work orders
  • Total control of expenses
  • Calculation of work progress
  • Profitability of the project in real-time
  • Operational Gantt charts (estimated vs actual)
  • Management of contractual items
  • Subcontractor management

How many times have you sent an offer to your customers?

The same headed paper, same format... haven't you had enough of these repeated actions? Target can prepare all documents on your personalized headed paper, and more:

  • Formal offer documents
  • Subcontracting forms 
  • Generation of purchase orders
  • Generation of subcontract documents
  • Documents for billing requests

Only this way, we will hit the target!

case history

5 oil contracts
200 offers / year
200 work orders
1,000 documents issued
35 suppliers